First of all, as long as you have the clan tag, you represent the entire OSBLC community, you have to respect some rules inside the TeamSpeak server, any OSBLC server and public servers. When playing with other members through TeamSpeak and/or games. You are bound to the OSBLC tag. So wear it, be proud of it and make the community growing up as much as you can. If you want to be OSBLC and stay an OSBLC member, you need to be often on the servers and not spending time on others servers.


 All members are accountable for themselves and their actions. Violating members will be judged by the higher ranks up through OSBLC Management, sanctions can occur.


 For any violation, or any problem you have with an user report to Admin.

You can also right click on his name and click on "Make a complaint".


If you are victim of Admin abuses, report immediately to the Head Admin or founder.



I ◦ We are looking for a cosy server, that mean we do not need stupid peoples insulting, trolling...etc

The most important thing on the Teamspeak is to be tolerant, if there is someone which you do not like, juste mute him. Be kind to everyone if you want to stay in the community, especially with the VIP.


II ◦ Cheating, hacking, game or system tampering is strictly prohibited. We does not condone the purchase of cheating, hacking, etc… We have a zero tolerance policy for cheating, hacking and exploits of any type. Any member of this community caught using, distributing, selling or or buying hacks or cheating on our servers will be dropped from our community and permanently banned from all community systems and services.


III ◦ When you are in game, you wear the OSBLC tags in game and in TeamSpeak. You are a Community Ambassador. Appropriate behavior is demanded, inappropriate behavior is not tolerated. This includes (but not limited to) slander, racism, trolling, profanity, or any illicit behavior. This also includes naming conventions. No person shall be excluded from the community for reasons of color, creed, sexual orientation, or religious views.


IV ◦ Do not try to hide your identity, you must use your isp IP, If you are caught using VPN, changing often of identity or anyting thing to hide you, you will be ban and/or droped out of community.


V ◦ Any attempt of interfering whith the integrity or good working of the hardware, software or the community can occur with legal proceedings. And you will be perm ban from all servers. And maybe fucked hard in the ass.


- If you ask an admin for an other user to be ban or kicked without any valid reason you can be kicked or ban for the given time.







Admins / Head Admins:


New Admins are choosed by the Admin team unanimously by thinking of Admin demand, user maturity and his time spend on the server.


An Admin can be suspend from duty temporarily or definitively by Head Admin/Founder decision in case of rules breaking, otherwise a reunion with admin can decide it for any other reason.


The "VIP" on the server, do not have any power but are under protections of admins.

◦ "VIP"s and admins have nickname reservation.

◦ For Admins, prior to definitive Admin action, consultation with the Head Admin is mandatory. This is a check and balance measure.

◦ Kick out of TeamSpeak or any kind of OSBLC’s server is made by an admin by his own judgment.

◦ Only the Head Admin can decide for a +24h ban, other Admin can ban for up to 24h for any violation of the rules. Admins MUST specify a valid reason for a ban.

◦ Head Admin can suspend an admin of his power, he investigative findings and or rulings may be brought to the attention of the Founder for disciplinary action but they are as well authorized to use disciplinary measures as required.

◦ Any uncalled ban from an admin can temporarily suspend him for duty.

◦ Also, if an admin is in a bad mood, he can be suspend from duty, so he can think of what he did wrong, and remeber that he must treat evryone equaly and have an unbiased jugement.

◦ All members have an open door policy to present any problems or ideas. Please use the chain of command when you need to express these things. You should never go over your superiors’ heads. Please respect your leaders.

All Admins have to be the most generous donators.

◦ Head Admin must have donnate more than admins.

◦ When the day when the server will be expensive donating will be mandatory to be admin.



Les règles de conduites sont édités en Anglais et sont acceptés par tout membre OSBLC.

Merci à NightStalker de EGC pour le sample des ces règles.